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Your all access key to the BOLTEVM.

Have total control of the worlds most advanced 

Ethereum Virtual Machine in the Metaverse.

Host your event and vibe with your friends on RESONITE or NEOS (DOWNLOAD)

Produce & Mingle

Livestream &

Host up to 64 Players

(32 recommended)

Build Commercial

Commercial rights 

Guaranteed, own the rights to the EVM

Own the Source Files

make your own derivative of the BOLTEVM

(20MB Download)

Community Support

Our event attendees, hosts, and facilitators are ready to help you in Dework

World Features

  • Infinity RGB Dance floor & Lounge 

  • 11 Programmable Displays 

    • Twitch/Youtube/Facebook Compatible​

    • Livestream Compatible 

  • 2 Elevator Lifts

  • Grip The RAIL

  • Dynamic Light shows

  • User Friendly Toggle settings

  • Full audio reactivity.

  • 5 Unique Skyboxes

  • Super Trippy Party Favors 

  • Amazing Flow Toys

  • Interactive RGB Hookah

  • Circuit Board Tables 

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